Translation Service

Translation Service

Legal Nexus Law Firm offers translations in collaboration with an experienced team of translators and interpreters who are members of the HPI (Association of Indonesian Translator).

All official documents must be translated by a sworn translator to be accepted. Sworn translators are sworn in by the governor and registered with the Ministry of Justice and can therefore provide certified translations.

Simple agreements can be made without the service of a sworn translators to make the content understandable.

Based on Article 31 Number 24 of Indonesian Law, contracts and agreements involving Indonesian companies and organizations, Indonesian citizens or Indonesian government institutions must be in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

To comply with this law, most international companies prepare their contracts in two languages, usually Indonesian and English. If a contract is concluded in a foreign language other than Indonesian, it is invalid or ineffective.

Please note that the material on our website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a legal opinion or legal advice.

How we can help you...

    • SWORN TRANSLATORS: Legal Nexus Law Firm offers this service to ensure that documents are legally valid.

    • VERBAL TRANSLATION SERVICE: Legal Nexus Law Firm offers verbal translations from Indonesian to English and German, and vice versa.

    • PROOF READING: We check translations from Indonesian to English and German, and vice versa, for accuracy.

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