§ Drug Law

Indonesian Drug Law

Indonesia portrays narcotics trafficking and drug abuse as a major threat to the lives and cultural values of Indonesian People, and even the nation’s security.

Laws regulating prohibitions for anyone to use, control, distribute substances and / or drugs. The prohibited acts constitute a criminal offense and the prohibition of narcotics and psychotropic substances is regulated in Act 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics and Law No. 5 of 1997 concerning Psychotropic.

An exhaustive appendix to the 2009 Narcotics Law categorizes narcotics substances as Group I, II, or III narcotics.

Group I covers narcotics that have a very high potential to lead to addiction, are not used in therapy and are only used in the development of scientific knowledge. This include, amongst others, any part of the opium poppy, opium and heroin, cocaine and any part of the coca plant; cannabis, THC and any part of the marijuana plant; and ecstasy (MDMA), MDA, LSD, mescaline, PCP, Amphetamine, dexamphetamine (which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and methamphetamine.

Group II narcotics are drugs that are used for therapy and as a last resort for critically ill patients, as well as in the development of scientific knowledge, and have a not too high addiction potential, such as morphine and codeine.

Group III narcotics are medicines that are frequently used in therapy and in the development of scientific knowledge which have a low potential to lead to addiction.

Punishments under the 2009 Narcotics Law range from administrative sanction (very rarely) to fines, imprisonment and the death penalty.

A penalty is imposed on those who knowingly or unknowingly bring narcotics into Indonesian territory, as set out in Article 113 (unlawfully manufactured, imported, exported or channeled) and which provides for either a 20-year prison sentence, a life sentence or the death penalty as the maximum sentence.

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    • EMERGENCY CALL: If you violate the Drugs Act, call us immediately!
    If you are in possession of narcotics, you cannot prevent detention, so a good lawyer is essential during the interview and trial so you don't put yourself in a worse situation. The lower the group class of the drug, the lesser the punishment can be, especially with a competent defense.

    • MEDICINE RECIPE: Our law firm can assist you if you have a problem with prescription medication. Prescription drugs are a gray area for travelers to Indonesia. On the one hand, certain prescription drugs are listed as restricted drugs and prohibited to bring along according to Indonesian law. On the other hand, there are exceptions for certain prescription drugs that can be taken with a doctor's prescription and an Indonesian translation.

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