Notary Service

Notary Service

The notary in Indonesia is set up in the same way as in Western countries and has the authority to execute contracts, transactions or decisions that are required by law to be formulated in a certified document. The notary is also responsible for determining the date of the deed, saving it, issuing the legitimate copies or partially-cited-deed, as long as the deeds are not assigned to other public officials and are the sole responsibility of the notary.

The role of a notary as an official must be based on the oath of the notary, regulation and Article 1 (1) requires a notary to prioritize social service for the nation and the people in the performance of their duties. Article 16 of UUJN (Law of Notary’s Position) paragraph (1) (a) requires a notary to be honest, detailed, impartial and independent in the performance of his duties in order to protect the legal interests of all parties. There are two sides to practicing as a notary. First, a notary must be passive by only formulating what the parties to an agreement want in a deed; second, a notary must instruct and be active to ensure legal protection for all parties to the deed.

Agreements are legalized with notary services to ensure that they are legally enforceable in Indonesia.

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    • DOCUMENTS AND AGREEMENTS: Documents such as company establishment deeds, purchase of company shares, change of the board of directors, company acquisition, mortgage letter, will and inheritance letter, marriage contract must be carried out by a notary in accordance with the legal provisions.
    Legal Nexus Law Firm offers all notarial services in partnership with a qualified notary.

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